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What is Simultaneous Interpretation and Why is it Necessary?

At Farhat Advanced Interpreting, we only use Interpreters who have developed the ability to interpret simultaneously.  This means that we facilitate communication in real-time.  The interpreter speaks at the same time as the original speaker, reproducing everything said in the target language.  This level of service is efficient to use for a multitude of reasons:

Because communication is flowing in real-time, the interactions become much more personal.  You really CAN speak with someone that doesn’t speak your language – even on a personal level!  There are fewer chances for words to be missed, or for ideas to be omitted from the interpreted speech because the interpreter remains roughly at the same place in conversation as the speaker.  Because the interactions happen in real time, interactions only take half as long as they would if each speaker were required to stop very frequently to allow for interpretation.  This becomes a HUGE deal in time sensitive situations; for example, when trainings are taking place, doctors are on a time crunch because of a full schedule, or business deals are underway.  Of course, the idea is not to simply blow through the communication, leading to lesser quality care, but the very much the opposite.  It is to help you provide the highest level of communication and care.  The results really show in these instances when seamless communication become a necessity.