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What is Farhat Advanced Interpreting?

We at Farhat Advanced Interpreting believe in equal opportunity and access.  We believe in the free-flow of communication without language barriers. We believe in the ability to communicate as if we all spoke the same language. These core beliefs are just some of the reasons why we have branched away from the ordinary mindset of language services: the provision of interpretation and translation services in legally mandated settings.  Instead, we are dedicated to bringing the highest quality of interpretation (verbal communication) and translation (written material) services to the wider community.

The concept of language services to many is a somewhat “foreign idea”.  However, everyone has experienced a breakdown in communication at least once.  These occurrences happen across a variety of places, times, and contexts.  These times may very well have been frustrating or even uncomfortable due to the lack of mutual comprehension, and in many cases, a lack of cultural understanding as well.  The simple purpose of language services is to help bridge that language and culture gap.