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Translation Services

Organizations very often communicate their messages through written means.  Some of the communications are long time investments and others are vital information needing to be communicated by organizations to individuals / communities.

Unfortunately, communicating those messages with diverse populations can be difficult and many times almost impossible.

At FAI, we understand the fundamental need to communicate information in written format.  With a very wide network of highly skilled and specialized translation professionals as well as by customizing a strategy to best suite the environment and modes of communication present, we help guide organizations through the complex world of written translations.

This way, they avoid falling short in their communications and get back to engaging the way the want / need to.


– Medical, Scientific, Legal, and Other Technical Translations

Certified Translations

– Social Media / Website Translations

– Teaching / Classroom / Training Material Translations

– Safety Material Translations (Handbooks, Safety Handouts, etc…)

– Procedure / Policy Translations

– Transliteration

– Transcreation

– Subtitling


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