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“Guiding Organizations Through the Complex World of Language, Culture, and Diversity & Inclusion”


Organizations of all sorts are looking to diversify the base of those they engage with, whether for employment purposes, new clientele, or simply to provide aid and resources for more diverse populations.

Unfortunately, there is one big thing that stands in the way of diverse engagement — disorganization.

We at FAI, intimately understand that determination and difficulty.  That is why we help organizations develop custom strategy to integrate language into their operations, either from scratch, or much more seamlessly as a precursor to the language assistance already in place.

Through a 2 phase process of “strategy development” and “implementation”, we take a proactive approach to multilingual communication instead of simply patching up interactions or throwing away multilingual investments.

This way, instead of missing opportunities, risking incorrect / culturally insensitive communication, or simply wasting their multilingual investments and being left behind, organizations can come out ahead of the curve and get back to doing what they do best: being the hero for all those they engage with.


Helping Provide Equal Protection for the Whole Team.

Workforce Diversification

Helping Organizations Attract and Retain the Diverse Workforce They Are After.

Marketing / Media

Helping Organizations Effectively Engage with More Diverse Populations.

Translation Services

Learn More About Our Written Translation Services by Clicking the Link Below.

Interpretation Services

Learn More About Our Verbal Interpretation Services by Clicking the Link Below. 

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