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Medical Interpretation Services

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Medical Interpretation Services – Columbus Ohio

Professional medical interpreters are critical to overcome language barriers in patient interactions in healthcare facilities.

Multiple studies show that language barriers between doctors and adult patients can frequently lead to misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment:

• A 2007 study reported 52% of adverse events that occurred to LEP patients in hospitals were likely the result of communication errors

• A recent study by the American College of Emergency Physicians that analyzed interpreter errors that had clinical consequences, finding that the error rate for ad hoc (not professionally trained) interpreters was nearly DOUBLE that of professional interpreters


Better Quality of Care with Certified Medical Interpreters

Why healthcare facilities and professionals need Farhat Advanced Interpreting

Many healthcare organizations are not geared for providing these services, with either insufficient, or no interpreter services.  Poor interpreting leads to poor quality health care for patients who are limited English-proficient (LEP.) 

Using our quality professional interpreters can substantially reduce the issue of unsatisfactory communication between healthcare professionals and their patients. 

Ensure the quality of care by working with Farhat Advanced Interpreting


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