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Interpretation Services

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Interpretation Services – Columbus Ohio

Organizations have diverse needs for communication and many of those are based out of the need for verbal interactions.  Those organizations invest so much because almost nothing is better than being able to interact with an organization that is smooth, effective, and communicates in a way that speaks to you.

Unfortunately, many organizations find themselves severely hindered when communicating with non-English or ESL communities.

At FAI, we understand those unique demands which is why we only use the best interpreters we can find.  By being highly selective with our professionals and strategizing the best integration of multilingual verbal communication, it allows us to be extremely flexible in the services we provide and the environments we integrate into.

That way, instead of organizations falling short, losing opportunities, and having to wait or settle because they just “aren’t able to talk”, they can get back to communicating seamlessly and effectively, regardless of what environment or means of communication they have.

Services:  ** Specializing in Simultaneous Interpretation 

– Interpreting Services for a Variety of Medical, Legal, and Community Settings 

– Conference Interpreting Services

– Class and Training Interpreting Services

– Pre-Recorded Interpreting Services (i.e. phone systems, audio alternatives to written text, videos, etc…)

– Over the Phone Interpreting Services

– Voice Over


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